Friday, 8 June 2007

How to Levitate King Levitation

Some consider King Levitation to be some sort variation of Balducci Levitation, but most performers realize that it's just an illusion of its own.

The one who performs it must be viewed from the side. The performers foot which is farther from the viewers is slipped out and then positioned 90 deegre, while heel being placed against the toop of that shoe. After the trick, the front of the performers body is seen.

How do you do it?

It's simplier than you thought. No hidraulics, wires or anything else is used. The real trick is just in : slipping out a shoe and pants that have a cut in a way so they allow a leg to come in/out.

There needs to be enough room to step onto a chair or any other object without appearing that you are stepping on that chair. You may distract viewers by diverting their attention away from your legs so that you can move your leg upward onto the chair and pull yourself up.

It will take a lot of practice for this. Also dont "levitate" for too long as then it may seem to be acted and fake. The real trick is just in tricking viewers by not watching your feet and distract them while you are slipping away your shoe.
Anyway have fun doing this illusion!!

Here's Criss Angel performing and explaining this trick:

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

How To Levitate Balducci Levitation

First i'll have to spoil this and tell you its a pure illusion Trick. Its an angle illusion trick and can be performed any time and anywhere.

How to levitate Balducci Levitation Revealed

To perform this trick stand at an angle by facing away from the spectator. Turn to them so they will be able to see your left foot and heel and also the back of your right heel. Now slowly push yourself up few inches with your hidden toe by keeping your heels together. Perform this trick only for few seconds so you wont be able to get caught.

It really sounds easy but first train it in front of your mirror and after you master it show it to your friends.